The Hall of Fame is the highest honor given to a coach as a culmination of the whole package of their career.  A coach takes on multiple responsibilities in working with young people and the Hall of Fame Committee uses the all parts when selecting their members.  Each new member of the Hall of Fame will be presented with a "Red Jacket" standing out to signify the special recognition that the member has reached.  Each new member is also given a Hall of Fame ring to wear with pride at all times.  The Inductees are introduced and presented to attendees of the TTCA Convention each year at the Coach of the Year and Hall of Fame Awards Banquet, sponsored by Wilson Sporting Goods, held on Friday evening of the annual convention in December.

To nominate a deserving coach for Hall of Fame, the nominator must be a current member of the TTCA.  Please fill out the Hall of Fame Nomination form and read carefully to submit all needed materials and letters online by the Deadline each year!  All nominations will be completed online and all documents must be submitted when the form if filled out.


Strict Deadline Date for 2023 Hall of Fame Nominations - May 31, 2023


A Few Qualities of a Hall of Fame Member:

Although there is no set criteria that the committee uses to select Hall of Fame Members, listed below are some of the main qualities of Hall of Fame Members that come into play.

* Character

* Integrity

* A Program Builder

* Impressive Career Stats

* Shows and Teaches Good Sportsmanship

* A Supporter of the TTCA

* A Teacher of Life Lessons Through Tennis

* Grows the Game of Tennis

* Places the Kids Above All

* Etc...


Nomination Requirements:   

1.  All nomination forms must be completed by filling out the Online Form by clicking the button below before the Nomination deadline.

2.  Only TTCA Members are able to nominate a coach for the Hall of Fame.  The TTCA Member Number is required at the time of submission.  You can find your Member Number by looking at your Profile on the TTCA website after logging in to MemberClicks.

3.  Contact Information of the Nominee and the Nominator must be submitted by the TTCA member making the Nomination.

4.  A Letter of Justification as to why the Nominee should be considered for the Hall of Fame by the person making the nomination.

5.  A bio of accomplishments of the Nominee considered for the Hall of Fame in 300 words or less.

6.  A Letter of Recommendation for the Nominee by someone of tennis prominence in Texas Tennis (I.e. a current Hall of Fame Member, etc…)

7.  If the Nominee is retired, the Nominator should include how the Nominee is still involved in Tennis and giving back to growing the game of tennis?  If not retired, disregard this requirement.



Hall of Fame Nomination Form




Tim Calhoun (Ridge Point High School)
Sammy Courington (Brownwood High School)

Bobby Kramer (Dobie High School)





Wells, Melissa (Van High School)


King, Randall (Fredericksburg High School)


Bowman, Clinton (Denver City High School)


Ford, Holly (Spring Hill High School)


Furlow, John(Clements High School)


Stewart, Randy (Bryan High School)


Davis, Mark (Ft. Worth Paschal High School)


Martinez, Angel (Grapevine High School)


Eller, Roben (Wharton High School)


White, Carey (Brownfield High School)


Frazee, Rory (Stratford High School)


Cox, Ralph (San Saba High School)


Vargas, Ruben (Vernon High School)


Anders, Ike (Lindale High School)


Stovall, Danny (Paint Rock High School)


Kniffen, Barry (Menard High School)


Jane Jackson (Coppell High School)


Scott, Fred (Abilene High School)


Enocksen, Kim (Kingwood High School)


Wesbrooks, Ron (Lamar University)


Longbotham, Jim (Groesbeck High School)


Moore, Jeff (University of Texas)


Cass, Paul (Corpus Christi King High School)


Kleinecke, Bobby (Texas A&M University)


Brand, Charlie (Columbia High School)


Bartzen, Tut (Texas Christian University)


Welch, Betty Sue (Highland Park High School)


Carter, Mel (Levelland High School)


Caldwell, Carey ( Burkburnett High School)


Scott, Leanne (Abilene Cooper High School)


Ramos, Sergio (Woodville High School)


Peterson, John (San Antonio Churchill High School)


Mavity, Jim (Katy Taylor High School)


Smith, Paul (Mason High School)


Buck, Steve (Midland Lee High School)


Snyder, David (University of Texas)


Cannon, Jan (Lubbock Monterey High School)


Mapes, Bob (Corpus Christi Carroll High School)


Hirst, Jerry (Harlingen High School)


Montgomery, Virdie (Brownfield High School)


Barizon, Pete (Corpus Christi Ray High School)




Wikse, Pat (Odessa Permian High School)


Scoggins, Lou Cille (Dickinson High School)

Lightsey, Jo (Spring Woods High School)




Tatum, Mary Starkey (Big Lake High School)


Everett, Jean McIvor (Fort Stockton High School)

Dunivan, Robert (Deer Park High School)


Sadler, Wendell (Texarkana High School)


McAllister, Ken (Snyder High School)


Shive, Bill (Lubbock Mackenzie Middle School)


Ruiz, Moses (L.D. Bell High School)

Box, Jay (Odessa College)


Kinlund, Neal (Southwest Texas State University)


Foster, Jerry (Clear Creek High School)


Estes, William "Bill" (Crane High School)


Craig, Gean (Dumas High School)

Boles, Bill (Snyder High School)


Bates, Larry (Hardin-Simmons University)


Schreffler, Willie (Wills Point High School)


Holtman, Allen (Clear Creek High School)

Gardner, Robert (Lamar Consolidated High School)


Bramlett, James (Seminole High School)


Slayton, Jerry (Van High School)


Ingram, Roland (Texas Christian University)

Alexander, Lu Ann (Harlingen High School)


Walker, Beth (San Antonio Lee High School)


Kniffen, Novice (Andrews High School)

Kent, David (Texas A&M University)


Kniffen, John (Tyler Lee High School)


Kniffen, Fred (Tyler Junior College)

Coursey, Perry (Monahans High School)


Weiss, Art (R.L Turner High School)


Dechert, Jerry (Kerrville Tivy High School)

Carter, Jim (Lubbock Coronado High School)


Wauson, Roy (Menard High School)


Shaffer, Horace (A&M Consolidated High School)


Safarik, Larry (Taylor High School)


Pybus, Jerry (Amarillo Caprock High School)


Flint, Chester


Houdek, Ronnie (San Angelo Central High School)


Crabtree, William (East Texas State University)


Tillerson, G.W. (Celeste High School)


Thomas, Steve (Lubbock Monterey High School)

Brotherton, Paul (Wichita Falls Rider High School)


McCleary, Marshall


Franklin, Jerry (Seminole High School)


Smith, R.C. (Santa Anna High School)


Scott, Freddie L. (Sweetwater High School)

Groce, Ike (Coronado High School)


Mabry, Clarence (Trinity University)


Avera, Chuck (Wichita Falls High School)


Stiglich, Vince Jr. (Galveston O'Connell High School)


Cope, Cornelia (Franklin High School)

Beene, Tommy (Odessa Permian High School)


LaBorde, Leo (Amarillo College)


Garza, C.E. Kay

Clark, Bob (Odessa High School)


Johnson, Bailey (Clyde High School)


Arnspinger, Carl (Brownwood High School)


Tallent, Helen (Mason High School)


Rimes, Sherman (Junction High School)

Hill, Dalton (El Paso Irvin High School)


Crane, Wright (Pyote High School)








Van Zandt, Earl (The Tennis Shop)


Huber, Steve (Wilson Sporting Goods)






Yoe, Julie (Newk's Tennis Ranch)


Knoll, Greta (Texas Sports Hall of Fame)

2003    2002

Shaffer, Bob (Wilson Sporting Goods)


Northcut, Bonnie (University Interscholastic League)