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TTCA Member Tips and Drills

This section is new to the TTCA website.  Submit your tips and drills for your fellow coaches to review and use during the season and summer months of off season by emailing to [email protected]


Tip 1

ACE your way to improve your intensity.
Coaches, do your players ever look like they're dragging their feet at practice? Do they ever look like they are just going through the motion? With the high school season being so long in Texas, I am
sure there are times when your players just are not giving their best. Try to use the ACE method to see if your players will pick it
up.  Ace is an acronym Attitude, Concentration, Effort.  These are three things that your players can control.  You should talk with your team about what their top attitude, top concentration, and top effort levels look like.  Then you should have each player be prepared to rate (1-10) their level for each word. Thirty (30) would be a perfect score.   At the end of practice, you could ask them what their ace was.  You could also ask them during practice.  This should remind them to work on their mental which should improve their intensity.  

Tip 2

Three ways to help keep your players be more engaged during the in between season.  Coaches, what do you do with your players for the in between season?  The in between season is from the time Team tennis is over to the start of the spring tournament season.
Here are three things you can do to help keep your players be more engaged:
  1. Give them a couple of weeks off.  Most kids will
    use this time to get ahead with their studies or and 
    relax and let their bodies heal.
  1. Invite speakers to come and speak to your team.  We try to get speakers to talk about professional careers and being successful.
  1. This could also be a great time to work on your game.  Think about the shots and or situations that you struggled with during the season.  The in between season could be the best time to make some adjustments to your game.  


Drill 1 Link:  "Hotseat"

Drill 2 Link:  "Offense Defense"

Drill 3 Link:  "Stick or Scoop"

Submitted by:
Vernus Swisher, MA
USPTA Elite Pro.
Certified Mental Trainer
TTCA member