2020 "Virtual" Convention Speakers


60+ Excellent Presentations (with expected additions in the near future)

Check the Convention Schedule often to see the "live" presentations.  But all will be recorded and available online until November 2021.  After completing a presentation from the recorded version online the registrant will receive an email with a certificate of completion and a credit of Professional Development.  Please keep track of your Certificate of Completion because a copy will not be available unless watched again.


2020 TTCA "Virtual" Convention Speakers
  1. Mark Kovacs, PhD - "Dynamic Warmups" (www.mark-kovacs.com)
  2. Greg Patton - "TBA" (Wilson Sporting Goods)
  3. Cy Dofitas - "Wilson Product Update" (Wilson Sporting Goods)
  4. Stephen Mackey - "Real Deal Coaching: Connecting the Dots Between Sports and Life" (2Words)
  5. Positive Coaching Alliance - "Double-Goal Coach: Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons" (Positve Coaching Alliance)
  6. Debra LaPorte, PhD - "Sportsmanship: The Social Value of Ethical Leadership in Sport" (USTA Texas Sportsmanship Committee)
  7. Matt Freeman - "Windscreens 101" (Custom Tennis Screens)
  8. Ben Brooks - "TBA" (Patriot Court Systems)
  9. Joey Cantu - "Top 10 Favorite Drills" (Boerne Champion)
  10. Randy Stewart - "My Favorite Ball Machine Drills" (retired Bryan HS)
  11. Kirk Kniffen - "Group Drills for a Productive Practice" (Kerrville Tivy HS)
  12. Jorge Capestany - "Best Drills for HS Practices" (Tennisdrills.tv)
  13. Rose Bristow - "Lots of Drills and Games for Junior High Tennis" (Abilene Wylie MS)
  14. Carrie Castleberry - "Practice for Beginners: Middle School Tennis at its Best!" (Vernon HS)
  15. Todd Petty - "Practicing for the First 4 Shots of the Point" (Texas Tech Women)
  16. Dash Connell - "Communicating with Your Players in Practices, Matches, and Beyond" (Tyler Junior College)
  17. Rory Frazee - "Variety is the Spice of Life" (TTCA Hall of Fame)
  18. Kim Gidley - "Who, What, When, Where, and Why of Planning Practice" (Air Force Academy)
  19. Ryann Cutillo - Topcourt - "Big Time Tips from the TopCourt Pros" (Topcourt)
  20. Ken DeHart - "5 Tips to Improve Your Teaching and Your Player's Performance" (USPTA Clinician)
  21. Bill Riddle - "How to Get FREE Tennis Money" (Martin Methodist College)
  22. Bruce Waschuk - "Introducing the Scoring App" (ITA)
  23. Nate Gross - "Building a Powerhouse Team Without Better Facilities or Star Players" (Spec Tennis)
  24. David Smith - "Reaching Every Player's TRUE Potential & Large Group Training Programs" (2019 National HS HOF)
  25. Jonathan Hicks - "UTR For Schools" (UTR)
  26. Kenny Bice - "Tennis Hacks for the Average Coach" (SA Johnson HS)
  27. David Daniel - "Basic Footwork Drills" (SA Reagan HS)
  28. Vince Sharp - "Psychology Behind Coaching Players of Today" (Anna HS)
  29. Tony Minnis - "Mental Toughness for the Player, Parent, and Coach" (retired LSU)
  30. Bill Patton - "Teaching Advanced Visual Skills To Take Each Player To A New Level" (Oakland, CA)
  31. Tim Siegel - "Five Inspirations From Luke - A Father and Son's Story" (TeamLuk3)
  32. Wendy Justiss - "Building and Maintaining a Competitive Program in a Small School Setting" (Sterling City HS)
  33. David Cook - "Building a Championship Culture in Team Tennis" (Friendswood HS)
  34. Melissa Howard - "The Devil is in The Details - Turning Individuals into a TEAM" (Frisco Wakeland)
  35. Tim Drain - "Getting the Most Out of Your AD" (Tyler Junior College)
  36. Delaine Mast - "Establishing Your Feeder System - Getting Your Middle and Elementary Schools Connected" (McCaskey HS Lancaster, Pa)
  37. Melissa Wells - "Ambiguous UIL Rules - A Panel Discussion" (TTCA Board)
  38. Tyson Stewart - "So You're the Tennis Coach...Now What?" (Harlan HS)
  39. Ruben Vargas - "Rules Every Coach Thinks They Know...But Don't" (TTCA HOF)
  40. Daniel Marshall - "Comprehensive Tennis DEC Rules and Their Value" (A&M Consolidated HS)
  41. Craig O'Shannessy - "TBA" (Brain Game)
  42. Israel Castillo - "Winners "Happen" - Minimizing Errors in HS and MS Players" (Horseshoe Bay Resort)
  43. Will Hamilton - "4 'Tells' of Where Your Opponent's Ball is Going" (Fuzzy Yellow Balls)
  44. Gigi Fernandez - "The Gigi Method: Doubles Tactics and Strategy" (Gigi Fernandez Tennis Camps)
  45. Clint Laukhuf - "On Court Athletic Skill Development" (Grapevine HS)
  46. Monty Gibson - "Selling Your Program Through Strength and Conditioning (with Nicki, Anna, and Tiffany)" (Cleveland Browns)
  47. Joey Scrivano - "Fundamentals of the Volley and Drills to Use Them" (Baylor)
  48. Ike Anders - "Middle School Stroke Production Progressions" (TTCA Hall of Fame)
  49. David Smith - "Stroke Production Within the Advanced Foundation" (2019 National HS HOF)
  50. John Eagleton - "SportsEdtv - A Free Coach's Resource" (Sportsedtv)
  51. Dr. Susan Elza / Joseph Garmon - "UIL Update - What's Coming Next" (UIL)
  52. Amanda Shaw - "Serve Tennis and How It Can Help the School Coach" (USTA Texas)
  53. Julio Godreau - "Tennis Mechanics" (USTA Texas)
  54. Joel Myers - "Doubles Strategies for High School Tennis" (USPTA Pro)
  55. Matt Knoll - "Let Tennis Pay for Your College" (American College Placement)
  56. Alison Ojeda - "Srategies For Playing Winning Singles" (Univ. of Tennessee)
  57. Dave Borelli - "Dynamic Tennis: Playing from the Waist Up" (City of Mission Viejo, Ca)
  58. Kalindi Dinoffer - "Mindfulness for Peak Performance" (Oncourt Offcourt)
  59. Warren Pretorius - "Junior Data: What Do Match Winners Do Better Than Their Opponents?" (Tennis Analytics)
  60. Dr. Bryce Young / Linda LeClaire - "Energy Traps" (www.yourmentalcoach.com)
  61. Stan Oley - "What's Your Player's Tennis IQ?" (Stanley's Tennis Inc.)
  62. Gene Zanetti - "TBA" (Tennis Mindset)