Covid-19 Announcements From the UIL



LATEST INFO 7/8/2020

Please CLICK HERE to see the latest Covid-19 update from the UIL


Please CLICK HERE to see some UPDATES to the latest Guidelines from the UIL.


Please CLICK HERE to see the latest Guidelines as you prepare to get back to the courts on June 8.


The UIL announced today, a plan for coaches to start back working with their players.  Please go thru the entire announcement carefully and get interps from your Administration if need be.  Activity can start no earlier than June 8, with the mandated guidelines for the allowable activity.  Until that time, we are still on a "no activity" status.  To see the full announcement CLICK HERE. 


All UIL activities for the remainder of the 2019-20 season has been cancelled.  Please note that remote instruction remains in place, but in person practices and rehearsals remain suspended until further notice.  For the full release CLICK HERE.
 3/19/2020  UIL has extended the restrictions of competition, games and practices to no earlier than Monday May 4.  For a full release to ADs and Superintendents CLICK HERE.
3/16/2020 UIL includes the ban on practices until March 29.  For the full release letter to ADs CLICK HERE.
 3/13/2020  UIL has announced that all Competitions have been suspended from March 16-29.  The rescheduling of UIL Playoffs have been released.  Practices are at the discretion of each school district.  For the full release letter to ADs CLICK HERE.